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Thanks to its years of market experience, DMlieferant by right holds a leading position in industrial engineering and comprehensive equipment supply for manufacturing enterprises worldwide. With representative offices in Germany and the United States, we can communicate with a vast range of businesses and organizations in the industrial sector, which all face the need to solve their issues quickly and efficiently. Moreover, given the constant exchange of experience and information among members of the units, we are always abreast of developments and innovations. Due to strong links and integration, we can confidently look to the future and always be one step ahead in solving the most complex problems of the industrial sector.

DMlieferant personnel are a dedicated team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in industry, logistics, marketing, and finance. Every company employee is an expert in his or her field who contributes invaluably to further development of the company. Most of our employees are graduates of such higher educational institutions as the University of Glasgow, Technical University of Berlin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other specialized universities which have been engaged in the education of future experts in their fields for many decades.

Each of the company’s divisions undergoes a compulsory annual audit under the strict supervision of experts of one of the world’s leading consulting companies. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of a fair deal and your image as a supplier of reliable equipment!
Over the years, DMLieferant has proven to be a loyal partner in professional engineering and the supply of high-tech imported equipment for the needs of major industry sectors worldwide and in BRIC countries in particular. Our experience includes over 175 successful and unique projects in the oil and gas sector, engineering and light industry, metallurgy and mining, as well as the food and chemical industry. We are entrusted with imports of equipment and components by such major manufacturing enterprises as General Electric, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Dow Chemical, and Mittal Group.
Thanks to our close and constant communication with technical experts and engineers on the ground, we identify their needs and develop the most effective offers through comprehensive analysis of the production processes, which allows us to introduce the required equipment and monitor its further operation with the utmost efficiency. Cooperation with federal design institutes and with private engineering bureaus mean we can guarantee potential demand for a particular product and minimize the risks of using low-quality counterparts.
Every year DMLieferant takes part in international exhibitions, scientific conferences and forums on innovative products and new technologies in the business environment. Key regular events include EMO, AMB, Smart Factory.

Weekly trips to visit our customers ensure our employees gain information on the needs of the enterprises firsthand. Last year alone, we performed dozens of comprehensive deliveries to the most remote regions, and personal meetings and our acquaintance with the engineers and mechanics at the enterprises played a major role in this.

Having received the status of our supplier partner, you gain guaranteed demand for the products around the world! Working in cooperation with our experts, you will always be aware of how and where your equipment is delivered, and will be able to learn about the terms of equipment installation and forecast further potential demand for the years to come.

We are always open for new horizons and opportunities!

If you are a manufacturer of industrial equipment, we will be delighted to collaborate with you!

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